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Tallgrass Prairie Desktop Wallpaper

Prairie Chickens on lek

Giant Prairie Chicken

Wide angle view of Blazing Star sunrise

Blazing Star

Broken Kettle Grasslands

Cloads and Blazing Star Sunrise

Field of Pale Purple Cone Flowers

Golden Rod

Large flowered Beard Tongue

Loess Hills and the Endangered Prairie Chicken

Giant Swallowtail

Loess Hills Prairie Ridge Top

Helping to create an appreciation ... awareness  and concern for
  our environment through the power of photography and education"

         Please support your nearest Prairie Organization.
The Tallgrass Prairies are one of the most if not the
most ENDANGERED LANDS in the United States.
In Iowa, 30,000,000 million acres of Tallgrass Prairie once covered the state . Today, less than 30,000 of those acres remain here.  We cannot bring back all what has been DEMISED,  but we sure have the ability to protect what is still remaining in the state of Iowa.

Desktop Wallpaper

Nature Photography by Gary D.Tonhouse

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