Nature Photography by Gary D. Tonhouse
Siberian Tiger

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Gary D. Tonhouse 1997-2005

Cat Nap:  Siberian Tiger
CNstiger - 001LE

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Siberian Tigers are Found in the Amur-Ussuri region of Siberia; 
also in northern China and Korea.

The Siberian Tiger is an endangered subspecies.
It is estimated that there are no more than
500 of these animals left in the wild.
There are probably nearly as many Siberian Tigers in captivity as there are roaming free.

Equipment used to capture this images is as follows:
Camera: Nikon F4s
       Lens: Nikor 500 mm F4
  Film: Fuji Provia 100
                               Tripod: Gitzo 320 with Bogen Ballhead