Nature Photography by Gary D. Tonhouse
Photograph of the Month:  January 2005

The last sunset on the Iowa Landscape in 2004 - Happy New Year

The above photograph is the last sunset of 2004 here in Iowa.

This morning January 1, 2005 we are having freezing rain. Everything this 
morning is covered with a sheet of ice. The condition this morning are  just to
 dangerous to even try photographing  this New Year day morning here in Iowa.
My ritual of capturing the last sunset of the year and the first sunrise of year
will have to wait for another year.

Happy New Year from the Tonhouse Family
May this New Year bring to you and your family
Happiness .. Health and Prosperity

Our prayers and thoughts and a moment of silence 
for the victims of the devastating tsunamis.

December photo of the month

Nature Photography by Gary D.Tonhouse

Elk rut

The goods of the earth are gifts from God. We have a responsibility to care
for these goods as stewards and trustees, not as mere consumers and users.