Nature's Banquet
Nature Photography by Gary D. Tonhouse
These photographs are not of major national icons but
common ordinary photographs that we take for granted.
Everyday beauty that we sometimes miss in our hurried state of mind.
Photography is 90% seeing and 10% photographing.
Click on images below for a large image.

Red Flowers


Rest Peacefull

Forest Floor..Oak Leaves

Ripples in the Sand

Road side Beauty

Patterns in Nature

Frozen in Time


Frosty Trees .. Iowa

Pearls of the Prairie

Inner Beauty

Moon Rise

Autumn Flow

Pink Flower

Icy Stream

Blue Flag Iris

All text and images  Gary D. Tonhouse 1997 - 2002
Nature's Banquet Image Set No 2 --- Click Here

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Look past your preconceived ideas an discover the many
wonders that our natural world has to offer.

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Nature Photography by Gary D.TOnhouse

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