Limited Edition Fine Art Photography Prints
by Reflective Images Photography

© Reflective Images 1997 -2003

Reflective Images has several images that are being released as limited editions prints.
Some of these images will have HIGHER EDITIONS NUMBERS, other images will be limited to very small numbers. (20 to 50 edition size)

Most limited edition images will not go over 100 in edition size


Our Certificate of Authenticity is shipped with every individual print purchased. The Certificate verifies the photographer’s name, print details and edition number. The purchaser and print details is maintained on our database for verification in case of theft or fraud.

Keep the Certificate in a safe place away from the print. The Certificate is valuable and forms an integral part of your investment in this fine art print; especially when you decide to sell your investment.

The images from Reflective Images are truly one of a kind and very unique.

Every framed  limited edition photograph is hand crafted from the highest quality material.

Frames are Neilson bright white.
Mats are Westminster Bright White -- Only acid FREE mats are used.       
Glass -- non reflective an UV corrected  
All photographs are hinged mounted with 100% cotton linen tape.

Additional styles of frames and mats are available upon request.
Prints can be purchased  from Reflective Images by using the Contact Us form below.
Please make sure you send your phone number along and describe the prints that you are interested in on the Contact Form. 
We will contact you with 48 hrs
Please click HERE for more information. 

Giclée Prints
A Giclée is a recognized and collectible category of fine art.
“Giclée” (zhee-clay) is a French term roughly meaning "spray" of which describes the digital printing process. No fine art ink printmaking method has ever caused so much excitement as the Giclée.


 Your prints are guaranteed. 
If any print that you purchase ever fades
or discolors you will be provided with a replacement at no charge.
This guarantee does not apply if your prints have been placed in direct sunlight or have had long extended periods of sunlight on them. 
Please read taking care of your prints

Please contact us for mounting, matting, framing, and shipping cost. 

Limited Edition Print Pricing

Open Edition Print Pricing

Reflective Images
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Ankeny, Iowa 50021
(515) 964-7815

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Certificate of Authenticity 
Below are examples of the Certificate

This certifies that the print [Family Gathering], is an authentic, limited edition, giclee print made from an original slide transparency by [Gary D.Tonhouse], and signed by the artist.

This [11" x 14"] print is number ___1___ out of an edition size of __200____.

[Family Gathering] is also available in an edition of __50___ [24" x 30"] prints.

Furthermore, there are __0___ artist proofs, and ___0__ printer proofs in this
edition. This edition was consigned in 2002. No other editions are in print.

This giclee print was made by Reflective Images of Ankeny, Iowa,
using the finest materials available to assure long lasting beauty, and
to protect your investment in fine art. The canvas is acid free cotton/polyester,
and is used in conjunction with archival, pigmented inks that are engineered
to last 130 years. This print was meticulously matched to the photographic Slide
in a cooperative effort by [Gary D.Tonhouse] and Reflective Images to
attain a print that faithfully captures the essence of the original.

To properly care for your investment in fine art giclee prints, never display
in strong ultraviolet radiation, such as direct sunlight.  With proper care
and handling, your framed giclee print will last for generations to come.

The sole copyright of the original photograph is retaind by the artist.
Any unauthorized reproduction is in violation of U.S. copyright law.

All information and statements contained herein are true and correct.

Artist's name                                                  Gary D.Tonhouse  
Artist's signature:                                          Gary D.Tonhouse
Artist's address: 
                                            613 S.E. 6th Street
City, State, Zip:                                             
Ankeny, Iowa 50021
Phone number: 
                                              (515) 964-7815
email address: