Grevy’s Zebra
Equus grevyi
African Wildlife

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Heads or Tails


The Grevy’s Zebras, are the largest of the three zebra species, living on the dry scrublands of East Africa. 
Stallions defend large territories in the hopes of attracting herds of females wandering through.

Mares give birth to their 125-pound foals during the rainy season, when water and food is plentiful. 
The well-developed newborns are able to stand within minutes and are soon able to run 
with the herd to avoid lions and hyenas.

Poaching for their coats and competition with livestock for food and water have 
caused a decline in wild Grevy’s zebra populations.

Equipment used to capture this image:
Camera: Nikon F4s
      Lens: Nikor 500mm F4
Tripod: Gitzo 320   
      Film:  Fuji Provia 100F
                   Scanner: Nikon Coolscan 4000
                  Imaging Software: Adobe 7.0 


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